• “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

    Henry Ford


According to Planck's theory, some physical quantities do not vary continuously, but in multiples of an elementary quantity, the quanta.

We are looking for the Quantum that can become a transforming force capable of revolutionizing an entire industry.

The future of energy, beyond energy

Sustainable zero-emission economies powered by 100% renewable energy where innovation and technology are critical. Smart cities, development of new forms of mobility, efficient and intelligent energy management, storage solutions, hydrogen, use of data for the operation and maintenance of infrastructures, search for new applications based on technologies such as artificial intelligence and much more. Join us.

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A unique model in the market

Hybrid model covering the entire early stage spectrum

We offer startups a unique program tailored to their needs.

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What are we looking for?

5 general principles
Innovative, investable and scalable models.
Elite founding team with a high degree of commitment and global vision.
Existence of potential synergies with the Group's businesses.
High growth markets where sustainability is key.
Alignment with the defined innovation tools.

What makes us different

  • Business channel and opportunities

  • In-depth knowledge of the sectors in which we operate.

  • 800 m2 office space

  • Experienced team with exclusive dedication

  • Networking & Events

  • Funding

  • Training and mentoring

  • Ad-hoc services

Our unique approach

Venture Capital

Investment in startups that are leaders in their respective sectors and have high growth potential.


Open competition to address a specific problem or take advantage of a specific opportunity.

Venture Client

Commercial agreements aimed at testing and validating products, services and business models.


Support and resources to early stage companies to help them grow, drive and succeed.


Highly structured programs which are tailored to the needs of each individual startup.

Venture Building

Creation and support of companies, entrepreneurs and business ideas of a highly strategic nature.

Our bets for the future

Our investment thesis is to look for scalable, innovative and globally-minded companies in key sectors of the economy with strong and attractive growth metrics.

  • Generation

    Technological developments that will reduce generation costs and increase energy efficiency.

  • Generation
  • Smart cities

    Sustainable, connected and optimized cities through the use of technology.

  • Smart cities
  • Storage and networks

    New energy value chains to accelerate the adoption of renewable energies.

  • Storage and networks
  • End customer solutions

    Revolutionary customer experience with a hyper-personalized offering of value-added services beyond energy.

  • End customer solutions
  • Digital & Data

    Incorporation of technological advances to transform, optimize and accelerate the different processes and offer a superior service.

  • Digital & Data
  • Other sustainable solutions

    Various sectors that will be critical in the transition to a more sustainable economy.

  • Other sustainable solutions